Cayenne–Powerhouse for Blood Pressure


Cayenne for blood pressure? Just 500 mg of cayenne a day (one size “0” capsule) could quickly lower blood pressure numbers noticeably by your next visit to the doctors office. When combined with equal parts of beet root, those who suffer the effects of *heartburn from cayenne alone can still benefit without the intensity. 1 Tablespoon a day of cayenne could help you meet your daily recommended values of a score of vitamins including B vitamins and Vitamin K and minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium that feed and protect our cells and promote health. Protein, fat and carbohydrates are also found in the hot red pepper.

Cayenne puts your body in detox mode with the ability to flush out toxins while stimulating circulation and neutralizing acidity in the body. Because cayenne helps control blood flow, it can give you a blast of energy, and move oxygen and nutrients through the body to the brain and muscles. It is a natural blood pressure regulator which means it will cause the pressure to normalize quickly by expanding the vessel itself. If the pressure is low it will raise it and if it’s high, it will lower it. It will tone and strengthen the heart, arteries, capillaries, and nerves while reducing the plaque build-up in the arteries. Cayenne also has the ability to improve digestion and boost metabolism, which is great news to those who are trying to lose stubborn pounds and inches. It reduces hunger, and burns fat. Research reveals that capsaicin, the scientific term for cayenne, can act as a thermogenic chemical to actually produce heat to stimulate or turn up the heat in your metabolism and begin burning fat. The heat factor is also helpful to relieve cold symptoms in your respiratory tract, AND– get this–you can put in your socks on a cold day to keep your feet warm. It can also benefit your liver through a process of breaking down and recycling cells. This is great for those who have been diagnosed with ‘fatty liver’. Cayenne reduces inflammation and pain because of the compounds called capsaicinoids and can be a wonder when combined with turmeric and black pepper to relieve symptoms of arthritis and swelling. A few drops of a cayenne tincture can clear your throat of congestion and strengthen vocals.

The best ways to increase your cayenne intake are adding it a tsp at a time in hot water and stirring then drinking it down. Capsules might be better for the person who don’t like the heat. I like to tincture it and add by drops to coffee, tea, and apple cider vinegar drinks. So add some cayenne to your daily diet and watch your health improve quickly!

Patrice Heinz, M.H.


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