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My name is Patrice Heinz, M.H. and I am the owner of GLOW Herbals Herb & Tea Shop in Downtown Elizabethton, TN. The Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee is one of the most flora-abundant areas in the country. Everywhere the eye can see are rich, colorful landscapes of plants that grace our fields, meadows, trails, river paths, and roadsides. My hope is that with the things I have learned and continue to discover about these awesome herbs, I can inspire a passion for medicinal plants and their benefits in making our lives healthier and more satisfying.     

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Why Choose Us ?

The study of plants and their virtues is an ancient art, dating back to our earliest ancestors. Yet we have somehow gotten away from our rich mountain heritage of home herbal remedies and the magic of the forest. I believe that we are the generation that will take us back to our roots, and rekindle this love of herbs and desire to get our bodies back into balance with nature and our Creator. At GLOW Herbals, I seek to provide the naturalist and do-it-yourselfer with everything you need to make your medicinal remedies and products, to host workshops and classes to inform and instruct, and to give you the best supply of herbs and teas possible.  We also carry certified organic and 100% pure essential oils, all-natural vegan soaps, salves, lotions, serums and balms for your unique skin's needs. We also carry the largest supply of Dr. Christopher's herbal supplements in the area! 

Custom Tea Mixes

We have over 40 teas and tea blends to choose from, including those I blend myself that are functional, beautiful, satisfying and delicious!

Herbal Workshops

We offer fun and informative classes at least once a month on making your own herbal remedies, teas and tea blends, as well as how to cleanse and take care of these amazing bodies! 

Soaps, Salves & Supplements

We carry single as well as formulated herbal tinctures, kid-friendly glycerites, oils, salves, soaps, syrups and capsules!