With C 19 pushing another wave through in recent days, many have asked me what to do to successfully ride out the symptoms and hopefully stay out of the hospital. My first recommendation would be to build up the immune system with a regimen of whole foods and vitamins including vitamin D3 with K, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc. I add Quercetin to this list because of its ability to reduce inflammation, and it is a vehicle that drives the vitamin C and Zinc into the cells. Elderberry syrup, elderberry tea and extract are a great addition to the protocol, because it can inhibit the reproduction of the spike protein. Vitamin B complex is also helpful, especially if you have heart disease. An apple a day—Apples are loaded with oxygen and pectin which inhibit the replication of the virus. Several herbs are a big help as well including wormwood, rosemary, black walnut and nettle and others containing suramin. To cut the mucus, mullein and nettle tea is effective. Adding marshmallow root helps quiet a severe cough. Some of the symptoms are more respiratory, and others are severe headaches and nausea. Oxygen saturation levels are important–staying above 88% is vital. Normal is between 97% and 100% and older adults tend to have lower levels than younger adults. The heart and brain are affected by lower oxygen levels, and some covid survivors experience prolonged symptoms such as brain fog, low energy and heart palpitations. Make sure you are getting sufficient amounts of pure water. Dehydration is a grave danger especially if running a fever. Fever is essential to battle the virus and seeking to reduce it disarms the troops as they battle the virus, so the key is– a wet fever heals while a dry fever kills.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, ( an Osteopathic physician and founder of the Natural Health Center which provides holistic advice to those seeking alternative approaches to their health issues, has treated several patients successfully with a nebulizer and 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 drop of iodine or betadine. Some prefer to dilute the HP a bit with saline solution if they experience a burning in the lungs during treatment. He recommends 1 tsp of HP and 1 tsp saline in the nebulizer and use 3-5 times a day for 5 days. Some that have tried this have commented that they experience an increase in coughing and fatigue during nebulizing, but afterwards can taste and smell their food for around 30 minutes and ate meals at this time. Their strength increased gradually and their coughing was reduced. Others that did not have severe coughing symptoms experienced a surge in energy for 30-60 minutes after nebulizing, allowing for periods of “getting work done.” Body aches subsided and strength increased. Most were feeling better and back to work within a week to 10 days after starting the breathing treatments.

***DISCLAIMER: No advice or information given in this or any article on my website is for diagnosis or treatment or replace the advice of your health care provider.


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